Mia & Terri

I’m sure at least of couple of folks have been wondering why we’re called Dear Martini and why two chef instructors who teach COOKING are using a name that references a cocktail.

Is it because of this guy?

Well…. yes, we like his music… but no.

Or because we like to drink these?

Um… actually, we DO enjoy these from time to time… but no.

Nope — actually, it came about a little over a year ago.  We were going round and round trying to come up with a name for our new startup and using our initials (TDMC) just didn’t do it for us.  It sounded too corporate, too enterprising.  We wanted something that sounded interesting.  Something that rang like a bell.  Something people would want to learn more about when they heard it.

In an absolute random moment one afternoon, just for giggles and grins, I ran “Mia and Terri” through an online anagram generator.  Lots and lots of letter-rearranging came out with some serious gobbledegook.  But ONE word leapt off the screen and smacked me in my face:  dearmartini

When I suggested it to Mia, she agreed.  It was a good name.  We started using it right away.

So there you have it.

Now — if only the name for our PRODUCT could come just as easily…

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