Without fail the cooking technique everyone wants to learn, and are always impressed with is how to dice an onion.

In order to create the dice (distinct cubes) you first make a series of horizontal slices, then a series of vertical slices, and then you cut across the grid you’ve made to complete the dice.

We’ve always taught the “old school method”, but after years of teaching this method we’ve found that it has a couple of flaws for most cooks –- if you don’t have a razor sharp knife it’s not that easy to do AND it can be pretty darn unsafe!

I just kept thinking there has to be a better way….  Dozens of onions later (remember Julia chopping onions in Julie & Julia) and I finally figured out a solution that made sense to me.

Sacrifice a tiny piece of the onion to create a flat surface on one of the sides of the onion.  Now the onion can be flipped up and down and it remains stable.  Use the power of your knife to cut down towards the board to complete both series of slices. No more dangerous sawing towards your hand because your knife is less than razor sharp…

Here it is — The “Flat Out Easier Method!”  Try it out and let us know if it works for you.


9 thoughts on “HOW TO DICE AN ONION

  1. Had my BEST onion dicing experience Thursday night making Mia’s kale and cannelli bean recipe. Once I made the “sacrifice” cut, I was choppin like a pro. :oD Thanks Dear Martini!

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