Darlings, we’re all human. No one is perfect. Oh, and haste makes a huge pain in the ass.

It is with great humility that I inform you that last night, as I was in a rush to prepare dinner for myself, I experienced a most inconvenient kitchen accident.


What you see here is a triple-bandaided left index finger, minus its fingernail. In fact, it’s hard to type this.

But I thought you all should know — even professional chefs make mistakes and cut themselves. Though we should most definitely heed our own advice, sometimes our own digits get in the way of the knife. Even Chef Ramsay isn’t immune from such tragedy.

In fact, what happened in that video was exactly what I did last night. Except, no Ellen, no audience, no vegan stir fry (gorgeous recipe, by the way) no TV cameras (thankfully). I admire how he just kept on cooking…

Expect an in-depth how-to video on proper knife skills in the near future.


Two days later, the throbbing is still there… Any guesses as to how long it’ll take to grow back??